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The "Gold Ladder" Phenomenon
In the 1957 a former client of Thorogood Sigrun's, Ammon Lott, discovered a passageway in his Burlington, WI home. It featured a gold ladder leading to a second attic Sigrun had installed above the original attic. The discovery led other former clients of Sigrun's to search their modified homes, revealing a number of hidden paths and passageways branching from the hidden passages they were already aware of. The one consistent hallmark of these secret passageways was the gold ladder.
The intended meaning of Sigrun's gold ladders are unknown, but their importance cannot be overstated. Many of the construction projects did not have the budget to pay for such ladders-Sigrun appears to have installed them at his own considerable expense.
The ladder as a symbol is used heavily in the imagery of the Bible (e.g. Jacob's Ladder), as early in human culture as 2,000 BC and in the modern day by groups like the Freemasons. The image of the gold ladder, however, appears to be limited to Thorogood Sigrun.
Some have suggested that Sigrun's later interest in neurobiology might be a hint that the ladder is a symbol of the double helix structure of DNA, discovered by Francis Crick and James Watson in February of 1953. Others have suggested the real meaning should be hidden wherever the ladder ends, but no 3rd level secret passages have been reported to date.